Reasons to be grateful

I have noticed how many people have been advising me to look after myself this week. Looking in the mirror, inspite of wonder women eye shadow and the rest, I understand why.I do look rather drawn and dont expect anything sensible out of me after 9 o'clock.

I suspect while being delighted about my results and having a real sense of delight at having my summer back I need to remember I still need to give myself time to heal from all that the last few weeks has thrown at me. And of course its not over yet either.

But mostly I am feeling very fortunate. Knowing that I wont need to rush into any more surgery has freed us up to look at holidays. Our plan is to holiday with my step daughter and her children. My recent diagnosis has brought back to them the loss of their much loved Mum and Grandma-I am so glad we can enjoy precious time together-and I am so grateful for that. These experiences teach you to savour life there is no doubt.

I have also been in contact with a good friend of Breakthrough Breast Cancer whose own cancer has spread further. She has been benefiting from hospice care and has shown her remarkable courage yet again. I completely understand when she says that the hardest thing is the impact on your family. Its such a strong need to protect your children if you can-but the cancer means this isnt under your own control.She and her family are in our hearts and  her situation reminds us ( not that we need it really) of the importance of what we do as a charity.A future free from the fear of breast cancer is our mission. Its getting closer but too far away yet.

Reasons to be cheerful: Its great being back in the office and being with the team again.The moment one of the team shared the secret of how to achieve smooth lines under a wedding dress was a comedy moment to lift any tired spirit! Also I am going to see The Firebugs tomorrow-the band my son and his girlfriend are in. Cant wait.


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