Apps and blips. Day 11

Your favourite app and social media platform is the challenge. I have said often how I love twitter so I don't plan to say much more other than I love how it connects. It does however have its risks and this week as major news broke in the UK about the death of Margaret Thatcher, I closed it down. Not wishing to be taken down a route of no return. She was a woman who stimulated strong reactions...and I'm not immune to them!

One which does not contain the same risks and the social medium I have enjoyed just to lift my soul is Blipfoto. It's a daily photo diary. I don't post daily but it reminds me to look for the beauty of moments that I may have previously let pass. Others posts are amazing and each photo generally has a little story to give the context. My photos of the cat and dog are the ones most viewed of course!


But most importantly the app I really want to tell you about it's the ibreastcheck. It's an app developed by Breakthrough Breast Cancer and shows how to be breast aware, has a risk calculator ( with information on why) for breast cancer and has a reminder you can set so you don't forget to check your breasts. It's what women said they needed to know. It's award winning and I can't recommend it enough. Tell all your friends.


  1. Great suggestion Audrey re ibreastcheck - this is the real power of technology meeting a health need. Also must check out Blipfoto - what a great idea!

  2. Great app i agree. You can find me on Auds On on Blipfoto but frankly many others are much more inspiring! You would enjoy it I'm sure.


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