The light and the shade Day 10

I'm the one in the family that takes photos. There's something for me about capturing precious times. Never being absolutely sure they are certain in the future. It's a source of irritation for my children in particular! There is also something slightly ridiculous taking a photo with an's so large and cumbersome, but it's fantastic to catch a moment in time. And family gatherings are easy with a screen so large. But usually I'm not in these gatherings, being the one behind the camera. 
To be really honest I'm not that keen to have my photo taken, I stiffen, close my eyes, smile awkwardly and then press delete.
This makes today's challenge-just that-a challenge. 

When I created a website recently I had to find some photos to use. The one I have chosen ,I used too in my website. 

The designer, Emily Hogarth cleverly integrated it into the design. It feels very personal, a real sense of who I am, so much of my experience, the light and the shade somewhere in the smile.


  1. What a gorgeous picture Audrey - and having (almost) seen you in "real life" I can confirm that you are indeed a beautiful woman both on the inside and outside ;-)

  2. Light and shadow ... lovely photograph, Audrey.


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