The only legacy of cancer would be an enhanced love of life....thats my wish!

Day 5 of the health activist writers month challenge "if I could do anything as a health activist....."we are urged to think big about something we could achieve now.

No restrictions like time or money, strange how hard it is to think like that, how constrained our aspiration can be by the grinding reality. Knowing what stops the aspirations in the here and now, creating almost a learned helplessness. So my fear is that I'm not aspirational enough, that I accept what really should be the unacceptable. Why is that? Perhaps we are naturally a cautious culture, not rebels, more negotiators. Or is that just me?

That said aspiration ultimately is that no one dies before their time from breast cancer; that either we can prevent it ever developing (really the fundamental goal surely) or through personalised diagnosis and treatment we minimise side effects and maximise impact to save lives...not just quantity of years but quality of years too.

So how do we achieve this?
  • charities, government and universities collaborate through research not just nationally, but globally to share knowledge, build momentum...make miracles happen.
  • drug companies take all drugs to market(not just the big profit options) that can effect change  and offer life prices where governments and health services can make them accessible to those who will benefit.
  • person-centred care is the norm,people are genuine partners in their care and quality of life is prioritised alongside quantity of life so that people survive treatment with dignity and experience loving kindness.
  • once treatment is passed we understand how to and support people to live out their lives with health and well-being intact, the only legacy of cancer being an enhanced love of life and valuing of time with those you love.
That's what I advocate for. Is that enough for now?


  1. Oh if no one died before their time with uncompromised quality of life... what a wonderful thing that would be.


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