Shouting out on Day 13

Today's challenge is a shout out to fellow activists who have helped you. I am inspired by many people I see as activists making a difference for others but there are only two breast cancer blogs I regularly follow. That is no disservice to the others, it's just that it overwhelms me to read too much about breast cancer so by necessity I ration my intake. The two blogs I read are by Marie of @jbbc Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer and Yvonne of Time to Consider the Lillies. I love their quiet wisdom, lyrical prose and deep honesty about the impact breast cancer has had on their lives.

I feel that often they are talking my truths , eloquently describing my own pain. And even with all that when their blogs pop up in my email I look forward to reading them. We cover three countries and two continents and  although we share a celtic heritage, what is our true community is the landscape left by breast cancer. I'm so glad to have found them in that community...I just wish for their sakes.....and for so many others that it was in different circumstance. So this is my way of giving a big shout out to them.

The blogs in particular I would like to draw your attention to during this months challenge are therefore from Marie and Yvonne.
Marie's letter to her 16 year old self was especially beautiful. But when she wrote that she didn't want to say too much about the future to her as she didn't want to scare her it said so,so much. I lived her grief with her in that monent. Thanks so much Marie for your wisdom and for how you create a community in breast cancer for so many.

And from Yvonne I want to share with you her blog entitled the Cancer Ice breaker. I love that she ignored the brief and broke the rules that day to write something she wanted to.
Keep writing and breaking the rules all! 


  1. Am so touched by this Audrey - thank you x


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